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Ok, so since I seem to be extremely uncreative this week, all of my posts are last-minute. I apologize to those who have checked it daily. I was given the assignment of producing an interactive feature, such as a map or timeline to tell a story. Easy enough for a travel blog right? Wrong. I could not think of a single thing to do a map on. I really wanted to do something creative and different and not map every coffee-house in the area that I liked, but I wasn’t exactly sure of how to execute it. Then, BOOM. I had it.

I decided to focus on one area in Philadelphia, since I’ve neglected it all semester, and go to several hot spots and map my evening. I was convinced by a friend who lives in the city, that bars would be a cool idea. So, with much self-control, I limited myself to three bars in the course of one evening in Old City. I took the PATCO, which is a Godsend for those who aren’t familiar, and away we went.

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