Farewell post

Hello all. Well, here it is. My last (official) post. This was an interesting semester. I had high hopes for this blog and my class, and while some experiments exceeded my expectations, others failed badly. All in all, I’ve learned a lot about travel writing and the work that goes into it. And I was inspired to do some real traveling of my own in the process. For my last post, I interviewed a travel agent and two college students. The students told their stories of planning their own trips and the positives and negatives that came with it. They give some great insight into how to go about planning a trip over winter vacation, spring break or even something for the summer.

After my last post, I won’t be updating anymore. However, once I have the means to travel more often, I hope to start this back up. Thanks for all the support for this project and I hope to be back some time in the near future!

One response to “Farewell post

  1. Travel is not so simple as it as first hearing sounds. When looking the map of world, plenty of people like to travel in tropics or subtropics. What to find in these countries? Sun and beaches. Is it enough? To many yes, but not everybody.

    Many are happy with sun and they do not want any experiences. To them sun and late night dancing is all.

    But when looking the map of the world there are also cold countries (in wintertime). What to find in them? Are they worth of visit? I should say yes, if one wants experiences, like to swim between ice in the sea from icebreaker, to enjoy cultures, architechtures and many unknown things about that they do not know.

    Well, I hope all the good to You in the future!!!

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