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Online Portfolio!

Hey All! It’s been quite a while, but I thought I’d do a little something to spark some interest (or not) in my writing. I’ve compiled seven of my favorite articles that I’ve written recently. Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think!

Three are in my blog roll because I can’t seem to figure out how to link them in this post. I’ll post the other four as posts. Enjoy!

Final Project

Here is Eric Dolezar, a Rowan University Radio/TV/Film major to tell his story about his trip to Jamaica.

Caitlin Lobitz is a nursing major at Thomas Jefferson University. She discusses her experience planning a trip to Key West.

A minute with Vicki Lattanzi, agent from Liberty Travel:

Have you had any students come in inquiring about winter vacations or even spring vacations?

VL: We get a lot of inquiry from students however most of the prices at this point end up being too high.

What locations they were looking at?

VL: Places like Cancun.

 Are there many affordable options for the college student on a budget? Any tips or ways to cut the costs?

VL: We have a few tour companies such as Top Deck and Contiki Tours that have some great prices to alternate destinations that I try to offer to some of the students that come. These 2 tour companies are budget tours catering to ages 18 to 30. They offer ski vacations, European vacations, Egypt and much more. The prices are very inexpensive and include some meals and sightseeing.  A great alternative.

Hopefully this serves as some inspiration to get out and plan a trip somewhere. Take the advice and tips provided to produce an adventure of your own! Remember, there are ways around spending a ton of money to go somewhere and do something fun! Best of luck!

Farewell post

Hello all. Well, here it is. My last (official) post. This was an interesting semester. I had high hopes for this blog and my class, and while some experiments exceeded my expectations, others failed badly. All in all, I’ve learned a lot about travel writing and the work that goes into it. And I was inspired to do some real traveling of my own in the process. For my last post, I interviewed a travel agent and two college students. The students told their stories of planning their own trips and the positives and negatives that came with it. They give some great insight into how to go about planning a trip over winter vacation, spring break or even something for the summer.

After my last post, I won’t be updating anymore. However, once I have the means to travel more often, I hope to start this back up. Thanks for all the support for this project and I hope to be back some time in the near future!

Studying Abroad

I am very impressed with the opportunities to study abroad at my university. I was perusing through some emails sent by my college when I came across one for traveling over the summer, for 25 days to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. It caught my attention so I requested an itinerary from the professor in charge. It was extremely detailed and sounded like an amazing chance to see some great places, so I pulled the trigger and sent in a deposit.

I was most impressed with the cost. It was extremely reasonable considering it included all meals, tips, airfare, cruises etc. I think that all students should take advantage of this kind of opportunity. While the class offered during this trip is optional, it can be beneficial for underclassmen to earn credits while they are abroad. I don’t need the credit because I’m graduating soon. I’m simply interested in expanding my horizons. This blog has served as an inspiration for that.

Funplex of Mount Laurel!

Sometimes you just can’t beat a good night of acting like a little kid again. I recently went to the Funplex of Mount Laurel, NJ to do just that. I have to say, things sure have gotten better since I was younger, when all you had to do to have a good time was to play in a pit full of plastic balls and eat greasy pizza while playing video arcade games.

The Funplex is full of fun things to do for people of all ages. It is a great place to go if there is a nor’easter, like there is all this weekend. They have both indoor and outdoor attractions, some of which include miniature golf, bumper boats, a water park, go karts, bowling, laser tag and an arcade.

Although there are a lot of young children, they have special nights for older people so you won’t be flooded with screaming children running around wreaking havoc. Thursday nights are college nights, where you can bowl all night with shoe rentals included for only 12 dollars. They also have Monday night football specials, must be 21 to enter, BYOB and 25 dollars per lane, per hour.

I have to say that the prices are extremely reasonable. The most you could spend is about 26 dollars and that is for an all access pass for an entire evening. So I highly suggest taking a visit to the Funplex, especially if we have another weekend like this. There are two locations, in Mount Laurel and East Hanover, NJ.

Check it out!

In the mood for…bowling.

Fall 2009 016

Pinsetters lanes

Last night I decided to check out Pinsetter Bar and Bowl in Pennsauken. There was a live cover band in the bar area, which was packed with people. The whole building is dimly lit, with florescent lights along the lanes. There were projection screens lining the lanes displaying music videos and sports games. There is a small dining area where you can sit and be waited on, or you can order right from your lane, which is what my party did. They do check ID’s after about 10, so if you’re under 21, ignore this post.

I have to say, I was impressed with the entire idea behind the alley. It is a bar atmosphere with live music and people mingling, mixed with bowling. It was $4.50 per game, with a 3 dollar shoe rental (and yes, the shoes are still the hideous neon orange). However, they do have better deals if you go during the week. My friends and I ordered the mozzarella sticks, fried mac and cheese and a few sodas and bowled the night away. The menu was decently priced and had a much broader selection then the usual pizza and beer.

I definitely recommend checking Pinsetters out. I had a blast and it didn’t break the bank. I got away with spending less than $30.

Halloween Costumes on a Budget

If you’re anything like me, you are a last-minute person when it comes to things like Halloween. There is nothing worse than having plans for Halloween and realizing you don’t have a costume, or the money to buy a good one. Here is a great resource for some ideas and how to execute them. These sites suggest more eccentric costume ideas, that will be sure to spark conversation.

There are also videos on YouTube for those who are more visual and like a step-by-step guide. Here is an example of a woman’s 40’s costume:

Here’s an example of a men’s Tarzan:

Good luck and Happy Halloween!

Autumn Activities

Here are some great resources for all the fun things that take place this time of year!

Pumpkin picking, corn mazes, hayrides and more! Or are haunted houses your thing? There are some great places in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to check out for a frightening night out. If you’re willing to venture out a little further, there are some great places outside of Philadelphia. Scary Happenings has a great list of haunted houses and hayrides that have gained a good reputation.

Want to carve your pumpkin? Here is how! Or would you like to make a pie? Here is a guide!

Good luck, and enjoy!


Halloween is fast approaching and time is running out for costume ideas. I’ll be posting some fun things to do for Halloween weekend/ end of October ideas as well as ideas for costumes. Of course you could go to a costume store and spend at least 30 dollars on a costume, but if you’re on a tight budget and need something unique and cool, this is the place to get it! Stay tuned.

Road-Trip It!

Hey All! I found something pretty cool on the Philadelphia Inquirer in the travel section. Personally, I’m always looking for something fun and interesting to do to occupy my weekends. You spend the entire week studying, reading, writing, eating mac and cheese. Let’s face it, sometimes the party and bar scene around campus just doesn’t cut it. I love spontaneous road trips to places I’ve never been, especially with friends. Here’s a cool list of “10 for the Road” which takes the work out of researching stuff to do on your own, and it’s all within a day’s drive. Although some of the events gear themselves toward children or families, they’re still cool to check out and, if nothing else, worth getting out of Jersey for.

Another thing I’ve always enjoyed doing around this time of year is taking a ride up to Massachusett’s. I’m convinced there is nothing better than driving up to this state and checking out the beautiful foliage that the fall has to offer. Budget Travel has a neat story about some interesting places to visit while you’re up around that area. I highly recommend visiting the New England states at some point in autumn because it definitely has something to offer every type of person.

So grab a couple friends, have everyone pitch in for gas and snacks, burn a good CD for the ride and get exploring!

For more great road trip ideas, check out the Budget Travel Road Trip section of the site. It has a ton of great suggestions and tips for inexpensive places to visit if you’re at a loss for ideas.