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Final Project

Here is Eric Dolezar, a Rowan University Radio/TV/Film major to tell his story about his trip to Jamaica.

Caitlin Lobitz is a nursing major at Thomas Jefferson University. She discusses her experience planning a trip to Key West.

A minute with Vicki Lattanzi, agent from Liberty Travel:

Have you had any students come in inquiring about winter vacations or even spring vacations?

VL: We get a lot of inquiry from students however most of the prices at this point end up being too high.

What locations they were looking at?

VL: Places like Cancun.

 Are there many affordable options for the college student on a budget? Any tips or ways to cut the costs?

VL: We have a few tour companies such as Top Deck and Contiki Tours that have some great prices to alternate destinations that I try to offer to some of the students that come. These 2 tour companies are budget tours catering to ages 18 to 30. They offer ski vacations, European vacations, Egypt and much more. The prices are very inexpensive and include some meals and sightseeing.  A great alternative.

Hopefully this serves as some inspiration to get out and plan a trip somewhere. Take the advice and tips provided to produce an adventure of your own! Remember, there are ways around spending a ton of money to go somewhere and do something fun! Best of luck!


Halloween is fast approaching and time is running out for costume ideas. I’ll be posting some fun things to do for Halloween weekend/ end of October ideas as well as ideas for costumes. Of course you could go to a costume store and spend at least 30 dollars on a costume, but if you’re on a tight budget and need something unique and cool, this is the place to get it! Stay tuned.

In the mood for… a good laugh.

About two weeks ago I was in New Brunswick at the Stress Factory Comedy Club. It was my first time at a comedy show, so I was really excited to see what it was all about. The headliner was Dave Attell, who is best known for being on the show “Insomniac”on Comedy Central. I was definitely not ready. It was the coolest atmosphere. I walked in, the lights dimmed, with brick walls and a small platform stage in the center of the room, with a payphone randomly hanging above a stool in front of a microphone. We were seated and watched clips of random comedies like “Happy Gilmore” and “Old School” as we waited for the opening act.

There were two opening acts before Attell even came on stage. It was very entertaining. The audience was mostly college students, afterall Rutgers is right down the street. It was a packed house. I laughed the entire time, almost to the point of tears. And ever since, I’ve been looking for clubs like that, around my area, to go relax and have a good laugh, without breaking the bank of course! During my search, I found some random sites of comedy clubs, until I finally came across “This week in Philly” which is a great tool for all the hot events going on in Philly. They have links to their favorite restaurants, bars and parks all categorized by the audience you’re looking to satisfy (families, children, singles). They have a complete list of comedy clubs to check out, ranging from improv to stand-up, from unknowns to the big names in comedy. And believe it or not, comedy clubs don’t cost too much either. With an average cost of about 20 dollars per ticket, some places have a mandatory drink minimum, which is fairly reasonable considering the entertainment and the fact that you’re in the city.

There’s also a list of clubs all over New Jersey at the leisure guide site for New Jersey. I definitely think it’s a worthwhile activity, and it’s something fun and different to do. It sure beats another night wasted at a mall or the movies!

Road-Trip It!

Hey All! I found something pretty cool on the Philadelphia Inquirer in the travel section. Personally, I’m always looking for something fun and interesting to do to occupy my weekends. You spend the entire week studying, reading, writing, eating mac and cheese. Let’s face it, sometimes the party and bar scene around campus just doesn’t cut it. I love spontaneous road trips to places I’ve never been, especially with friends. Here’s a cool list of “10 for the Road” which takes the work out of researching stuff to do on your own, and it’s all within a day’s drive. Although some of the events gear themselves toward children or families, they’re still cool to check out and, if nothing else, worth getting out of Jersey for.

Another thing I’ve always enjoyed doing around this time of year is taking a ride up to Massachusett’s. I’m convinced there is nothing better than driving up to this state and checking out the beautiful foliage that the fall has to offer. Budget Travel has a neat story about some interesting places to visit while you’re up around that area. I highly recommend visiting the New England states at some point in autumn because it definitely has something to offer every type of person.

So grab a couple friends, have everyone pitch in for gas and snacks, burn a good CD for the ride and get exploring!

For more great road trip ideas, check out the Budget Travel Road Trip section of the site. It has a ton of great suggestions and tips for inexpensive places to visit if you’re at a loss for ideas.

Hello World

Welcome to my blog! I started this as an assignment for my online journalism class. I’ll be covering some very cool, fun and affordable things for college students to do on a budget. I’m pretty excited to get exploring!! Stay tuned!