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Road-Trip It!

Hey All! I found something pretty cool on the Philadelphia Inquirer in the travel section. Personally, I’m always looking for something fun and interesting to do to occupy my weekends. You spend the entire week studying, reading, writing, eating mac and cheese. Let’s face it, sometimes the party and bar scene around campus just doesn’t cut it. I love spontaneous road trips to places I’ve never been, especially with friends. Here’s a cool list of “10 for the Road” which takes the work out of researching stuff to do on your own, and it’s all within a day’s drive. Although some of the events gear themselves toward children or families, they’re still cool to check out and, if nothing else, worth getting out of Jersey for.

Another thing I’ve always enjoyed doing around this time of year is taking a ride up to Massachusett’s. I’m convinced there is nothing better than driving up to this state and checking out the beautiful foliage that the fall has to offer. Budget Travel has a neat story about some interesting places to visit while you’re up around that area. I highly recommend visiting the New England states at some point in autumn because it definitely has something to offer every type of person.

So grab a couple friends, have everyone pitch in for gas and snacks, burn a good CD for the ride and get exploring!

For more great road trip ideas, check out the Budget Travel Road Trip section of the site. It has a ton of great suggestions and tips for inexpensive places to visit if you’re at a loss for ideas.