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Funplex of Mount Laurel!

Sometimes you just can’t beat a good night of acting like a little kid again. I recently went to the Funplex of Mount Laurel, NJ to do just that. I have to say, things sure have gotten better since I was younger, when all you had to do to have a good time was to play in a pit full of plastic balls and eat greasy pizza while playing video arcade games.

The Funplex is full of fun things to do for people of all ages. It is a great place to go if there is a nor’easter, like there is all this weekend. They have both indoor and outdoor attractions, some of which include miniature golf, bumper boats, a water park, go karts, bowling, laser tag and an arcade.

Although there are a lot of young children, they have special nights for older people so you won’t be flooded with screaming children running around wreaking havoc. Thursday nights are college nights, where you can bowl all night with shoe rentals included for only 12 dollars. They also have Monday night football specials, must be 21 to enter, BYOB and 25 dollars per lane, per hour.

I have to say that the prices are extremely reasonable. The most you could spend is about 26 dollars and that is for an all access pass for an entire evening. So I highly suggest taking a visit to the Funplex, especially if we have another weekend like this. There are two locations, in Mount Laurel and East Hanover, NJ.

Check it out!

In the mood for…bowling.

Fall 2009 016

Pinsetters lanes

Last night I decided to check out Pinsetter Bar and Bowl in Pennsauken. There was a live cover band in the bar area, which was packed with people. The whole building is dimly lit, with florescent lights along the lanes. There were projection screens lining the lanes displaying music videos and sports games. There is a small dining area where you can sit and be waited on, or you can order right from your lane, which is what my party did. They do check ID’s after about 10, so if you’re under 21, ignore this post.

I have to say, I was impressed with the entire idea behind the alley. It is a bar atmosphere with live music and people mingling, mixed with bowling. It was $4.50 per game, with a 3 dollar shoe rental (and yes, the shoes are still the hideous neon orange). However, they do have better deals if you go during the week. My friends and I ordered the mozzarella sticks, fried mac and cheese and a few sodas and bowled the night away. The menu was decently priced and had a much broader selection then the usual pizza and beer.

I definitely recommend checking Pinsetters out. I had a blast and it didn’t break the bank. I got away with spending less than $30.

An evening in Haddonfield

Haddonfield, NJ

I decided to do a mini-collage of photos on my recent trip to Haddonfield. Unfortunately the rain decided to make a visit as well. It definitely has that quaint little town vibe for sure. Their main strip, on Kings Highway, is full of interesting places to eat and shop. I also noticed an unusually high number of hair salons, so if you’re in need of a trim, there is no “shortage”. They even have their very own dinosaur. That’s right! The Hadrosaurus inhabited this town. Its remains were found in the 1800s. 

I recommend making your trip during the day or early evening as their stores and restaurants close rather early. However, I enjoyed myself even with the shops closed. There is a Starbucks that remains open later.

Philadelphia vs. New Jersey

People tend to gravitate more towards the city OR the suburbs. Budget Travel has a great little list of the 25 reasons we love Philadelphia. Ok, so maybe it’s easier to find reasons to visit the city because there is always something going on and there is always something to please every type of personality. But New Jersey is highly underrated when it comes to entertainment. This week I will be visiting a random town to take some photos and explore to see what hidden treasures are around South Jersey. But until then, Fun New Jersey is a great resource for tons of fun things to do and they’re organized by what kind of activity they would satisfy, like romantic, night life and weekend getaways.

In the mood for… a good laugh.

About two weeks ago I was in New Brunswick at the Stress Factory Comedy Club. It was my first time at a comedy show, so I was really excited to see what it was all about. The headliner was Dave Attell, who is best known for being on the show “Insomniac”on Comedy Central. I was definitely not ready. It was the coolest atmosphere. I walked in, the lights dimmed, with brick walls and a small platform stage in the center of the room, with a payphone randomly hanging above a stool in front of a microphone. We were seated and watched clips of random comedies like “Happy Gilmore” and “Old School” as we waited for the opening act.

There were two opening acts before Attell even came on stage. It was very entertaining. The audience was mostly college students, afterall Rutgers is right down the street. It was a packed house. I laughed the entire time, almost to the point of tears. And ever since, I’ve been looking for clubs like that, around my area, to go relax and have a good laugh, without breaking the bank of course! During my search, I found some random sites of comedy clubs, until I finally came across “This week in Philly” which is a great tool for all the hot events going on in Philly. They have links to their favorite restaurants, bars and parks all categorized by the audience you’re looking to satisfy (families, children, singles). They have a complete list of comedy clubs to check out, ranging from improv to stand-up, from unknowns to the big names in comedy. And believe it or not, comedy clubs don’t cost too much either. With an average cost of about 20 dollars per ticket, some places have a mandatory drink minimum, which is fairly reasonable considering the entertainment and the fact that you’re in the city.

There’s also a list of clubs all over New Jersey at the leisure guide site for New Jersey. I definitely think it’s a worthwhile activity, and it’s something fun and different to do. It sure beats another night wasted at a mall or the movies!

Coffee anyone?

Chances are if you’re from South Jersey, you’re familiar with the coffeehouse scene. I have three top picks that I think are great for several different reasons.

Take The Barrington Coffee House. This place has fantastic food, coffee and other great treats. Another great thing about this place is their live music. Every weekend they offer great local talent. There is usually a small cover, but with that comes all-you-can-drink coffee! Just check out their music calendar.

Another great find is The Treehouse Coffee House in Audubon. They have a variety of drinks and food to enjoy, and it’s very reasonably priced. They have events for the entire week  listed on their site as well. It’s on a main street, so if exploring is your thing, you should check it out.

If you’re looking for something outside of the South Jersey area, there are plenty of great places in Philadelphia. My pick is The Last Drop right by the Art Institute on Pine Street. Their menu is full of the essential beverages that a true independent coffee house should have to offer.

So there you have it! Next time you’re in one of these areas, make it a point to check out one or all of these great spots and support the local business. Who needs a Starbucks anyway.

Hello World

Welcome to my blog! I started this as an assignment for my online journalism class. I’ll be covering some very cool, fun and affordable things for college students to do on a budget. I’m pretty excited to get exploring!! Stay tuned!