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Tips to travel writers

I am new to this whole world of journalism. All I know is that I enjoy travel and I’d like to pursue a career that allows me to do lots of it, and write about it. I decided that reading my magazines and reading my favorite blogs just might not cut it. I googled travel writers and found some pretty cool resources. Sure, some of it was discouraging, specifically the Seven Myths of being a Travel Writer, which discusses some of the realities of the job. It isn’t always realistic to believe that everyone will want to read your stories, let alone have them carry you into super stardom as soon as they’re published, but as long as you keep writing and perfecting your technique, you aren’t wasting your time.

At the other end of the spectrum there’s tips by Rolf Potts. Here Potts mentions, what I consider, the most important factor of this whole job: “Whatever you do, remember that travel—not travel writing—should be your priority.” I’m a firm believer in doing something you love, simply so that you don’t feel like you’re working. Let’s face it, we didn’t choose this profession for the big bucks. He also suggests reading up and studying what you will be writing about, as well as knowing your audience.

Kelby Hartson Carr has a list of how to break into travel writing. This is a pretty basic list, but it makes sense. Number 1? Become a traveler. You have to get up and go places. I tried to develop this blog into my travel journal. It’s difficult in todays economy to find the means to go places, which is why I thought it would be interesting to put pricing limits on what I do and where I go. A repetitive piece of advice in these articles is that you have to write. If it’s a journal, fine, but you should develop stories; pieces of work that you can share with others, have them relate to and want to read. Think of your audience.

Check out this Travel Writing Portal for more tips from authors. Just remember to get out there and go places, write about it for practice, know your audience and work to get it published. Don’t give up right away if it doesn’t happen, it will take time. Good luck and Godspeed!